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Is it the end of our hobby?
On 15 January 2013 the final procedure in European Parliament has been completed. The act on the marketing and use of explosives precursors has been adopted and two weeks later has been publicated in Official Journal. Now, we are the victims of fighting with global terrorism. This document hitting us in our face. You can see the full text here:
What you should have in mind?
The “Annex I” defines substances which shall not be made available to members of the general public, except if the concentration is equal to or lower than the limit values. Chlorate and perchlorates are offered in high concentration usually 99,7%. It means that, they are not available after entered the regulation into force.

The “Annex II” defines substances for which suspicious transactions shall be reported. There you will find potassium, sodium and calcium nitrates and hexamine. In the full text you can find, which transactions are defined as suspicious.

The possession and use by members of the general public of restricted explosives precursors is allowed until 2 March 2016. After this date every hobbyist becomes a criminal and potential terrorist!
Can you buy potasium or sodium perchlorate or chlorate now?
According to new european regulation it is not possible to get potassium and sodium chlorates and perchlorates by private customers. We can sell them only to other companies.

The following requirements must be met:

1. We have to receive your company registration documents (copy by email or by regular post)
2. Your company has to have valid European Union VAT number - only intra-community trade is possible
3. I have to get signed and sealed by you the declaration that the materials will be used on your company needs
4. We can offer only not opened, full bags - minimum order quantity is 25kg.

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